Who’s job is it? A Christian Viewpoint.

We as Christians should have a different attitude about duties, than people that don’t follow the Word of God. Instead of criticizing someone for not doing their job, we should ask them “How may I help you complete your task?”. We want to put assignments on people, and then we talk about them when they don’t do what we expect of them. We do no this whether it be at home, work, or even at church.

In the Church we have a mindset that a person with a position has a certain duty to perform on their own. We think the Pastor’s job is to take care of all the issues with in the church and to take care of anyone who is in distress. We expect the musicians to have their instruments ready, the sound person to have their sound check complete, the usher to have the offering plate ready, and the cleaning person to have the church cleaned before each service. Now when they miss just one of these, we want to put them down instead of saying how may I help you.

Let’s start asking how may I help you, instead of why didn’t you get that done? Let’s set an example for others that don’t know how to serve God yet. You will find that helping instead of criticizing will actually get the job done.