When you find your match.

So as many of you are probably aware, for a few years now I’ve been searching for a partner that complimented me well. I’ve not had much luck in my last few relationships but this girl, Mykle. Let me tell you. She gets me like no one else has. She and I both work 2nd shift right now which works at well because we go in and get off at roughly the same time each day. I’m not stuck waiting on her to get home each day for hours on end and vice versa.  

  The best part is though that she allows me to thrive in my hobbies, reading, listen to podcast, geeking out with tech. And while she has her own and I fully support them I’m not use to that level of support. She’s helped me work on my tiny house, she’s encouraged me to work on it even when I’m tired. She pushes me to do better for myself even when I’m running low on steam. And amazingly she doesn’t force me she just gives me that extra push of motivation that’s needed. Honestly in the 7 months we’ve been dating I really feel like we’ve grown together a lot and can’t wait for the many more memories we will make together.