Welcome back

As you can tell my writing has been on hiatus for the past couple months. My work schedule has been off, my study schedule has been off and I’ve even tried to dedicate just a bit more time to working on my house. I’ve also spent a little bit of time with a new girlfriend. She has made her rounds to a couple family things (Mom & household) and my church family (Including Uno Sunday). So far she’s received a great reception. People seem to think we are meant for each other. Don’t tell her but I’m wondering the same thing myself.

For the first time in that I can recall. I have someone that not only accepts that I have a Christian Faith but allows me to embrace. While it’s not her background she has begun to attend with my when I go. Honestly when I invited her to go I figured she’d decline but she accepted with no issue. Since then she’s been attendance with my every service I have been to. Our pastor really likes her, the leaders in the church really like and I really like her. So win win. 🙂