Weekend Babysitting

So I’m currently staying at my sisters house for the weekend. She and her husband went to Ohio for some sort of dirt track racing event they go to every year. The reason I’m staying here. A child and two dogs. My nephew, who sometimes reminds me of myself. Pre-ordered the new NBA game. #NBA2K22. He didn’t wanna go camping with mom and dad because he knew the game was coming out so he had his mom try to find someone that could stay with him during the nights so he didn’t have to go. He didn’t want to stay elsewhere because he wanted to be able to play his game. So my sis asked me and since it’s a stunt I would pull for a new game or new tech… I had to say yes lol.

So here I am spending an evening waiting on my beautiful wife to get off work and listen to my nephew talk to all his buddies on the playstation network while I fool around on my Macbook.