The Positive Mindset

I know, I know…It’s that time of year again, New Year=New me! Well guess what, every year people make many resolutions they never intend to stick to. Why? Simply because they get caught up in the whole peer pressure that at the beginning of every year you have to do something to better yourself. Why do most of these resolutions fail then? Simply put the attitude and mindset do not align with the goal set.

Say for example I say this year I want to lose 60lbs, I’ll be happy with my body, how I look and I’ll be more attractive. It’s a nice goal, healthier, slimmer, and even more attractive. However this goal will likely fail because the core of the goal is simply to lose weight, in HOPES of being happy. So how does one actually set attainable goals? The first step is to be happy with who you are at your core. Have a core set of values, check everything you do by these values and you will not have to go around feeling guilty or shameful all the time. The second key is to get a positive mindset. 90% of our battles take place in our head, our enemy Satan will put temptations in front of us to hinder us. The bible says resist temptation and it shall flee, this is the truth, but we must also decide that just because temptation has come our way or because we’ve had a rough day that we will not let that detract from our growth. If our mindset is to grow into a better version of ourselves and we fall short. Our first step is to ask God the father to forgive us of our uncleanliness, we do this in prayer. After petition God and become clean we ask the Lord to give us strength to fight the battle next time. That’s all! Now the battle has been won in the heart and in the mind and we no longer have to worry about our eternal soul. And we can go back to be our happy self again.