The Excuse- A teaching written by Brian Adcock

How many times have we heard the words ” I’m only human, I’m entitled to mistakes” This is true, but once we become Christians we need to quit using that as an excuse.

I’m not saying we will never make mistakes. I’m saying that when we become Christians we are looked at differently. People will be watching and just waiting on us to make a mistake. And when we do make that mistake, they are there to point it out to us.

Let us stop using excuses of why we make mistakes and start using that time to share the Gospel with others. You will find that if you dedicate your time to spreading the Word of God to others, then you will have less time to make mistakes.

When we do make mistakes we can go to our Heavenly father for forgiveness. When we meet Christ for our judgement, will we be rewarded for teaching the Gospel to others? Or will we stand before him and make excuses of what we spent our time doing on earth? I want rewards, I do not want to have to make excuses for my life. Let us all make a difference, by doing away with excuses.