The Cleaner written by Brian Adcock

We all love having a clean house, car and even a clean church. But to get these things clean, we must work at it. We must remove all the filth that makes them impure.

In our spiritual life we need to do the same thing. We must remove all the filth that makes us impure. Things like unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, and even revenge. With our earthly things you must cleansers to remove filth. It can be anything from soap to using a sweeper. With your spiritual life you must use only the purest cleansers. We must remove that filth with prayers and forgiveness.

God is our cleaner. He will come in and clean out the old filthy hear. If we go to him in prayer and we have forgiven others, then he will purify our heart again. So if we love having clean things, then we know how to get them clean now. Keep using the cleaner (God) to keep our heart pure. No one likes to stay in a dirty place, and neither does the Holy spirit. Let’s keep a clean heart, like we want our other things to be kept clean.