Tag: Christian

  • The Door

    If you knock at someone’s door, do you know who will answer it? We so often knock at doors throughout our lives without thinking about the consequence of what will happen when that door is opened. There are so many doors we can choose from everyday. When we knock at these doors they are opened […]

  • Who’s job is it? A Christian Viewpoint.

    We as Christians should have a different attitude about duties, than people that don’t follow the Word of God. Instead of criticizing someone for not doing their job, we should ask them “How may I help you complete your task?”. We want to put assignments on people, and then we talk about them when they […]

  • Tiny House update

    I didn’t get to grab a picture yet but over the weekend I stayed in my tiny house with my wonderful girlfriend Mykle. Her father gave me a window a/c unit when we were in Alabama so I installed it and have been using the box fan for circulating air. However this weekend I finally […]

  • Hey!

    I bet that headline got your attention. Sorry it’s been a minute since I put up a post. My schedule has been wonky the last few weeks with my vacation and Joe suppose to be on vacation last week but cancelled and on vacation this week. So I’ve not really had a lot of defined […]