My lady…Mykle

So for those you who don’t know in the past few months I’ve started dating a wonderful woman named Mykle. When we initially started talking I told her right away that my faith was very important to me and she seemed to understand that. While she didn’t come from a religious background she did seem to support me with no issues. One night when I decided to stay the night with her I decided I’d invite her to church with me the following Sunday. I was scared when I talked to her that she would say no up front that it wasn’t for her but to my surprise she accepted the offer and attended with me that Sunday.

Of course my wonderful family at the Lyons Community Church accepted her with open arms. My favorite part is that she hasn’t stopped coming. She has been there with me every Sunday that I’ve been since even during the pandemic when we had to watch the service from our cars. Honestly I was a little scared to date at first as both of us had been hurt in our last relationship but Ironically I think it has made our stronger because we understand each others fear and we communicate things better as a result. I don’t feel like I’m there just putting a band aid on her wounds but rather working with her to make sure she heals properly. I’ve honestly not been this happy in a long time.

Now the funny part, the first service our Pastor Larry joked that we were married, the second service when we were playing with Miss Jolena he joked we’d be having babies. At the time I was kinda embarrassed because I didn’t know if I would ever get that serious but now that I’ve really got to know her I’ve fallen in love with her and could see that happening in the years down the road.