I bet that headline got your attention. Sorry it’s been a minute since I put up a post. My schedule has been wonky the last few weeks with my vacation and Joe suppose to be on vacation last week but cancelled and on vacation this week. So I’ve not really had a lot of defined time. But life is going well. Mykle and I have been staying together for a couple months now and loving it. We enjoy each other’s company and do try to make sure that we respect eather other’s boundaries She is currently working but she will be home soon.

I’ve learned a lot about Mykle being with her so much. She enjoy’s music over podcast, but she’ll listen to podcast for hours on end if they are crime related. (So we have few common interest with those). She enjoys having her own time each weekend when I work first shift Saturdays but when she has big plans she wants me to be there with her. I think it’s very sweet, and honestly I can’t lie I’m the same way.

I also love that I’m able to share so much with Mykle and don’t have to worry about her being upset. If I say something or I’m simply trying to discuss and idea she listens and gives me honest feedback. She doesn’t become upset and understands sometimes I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just protective because of the harm I’ve had from previous relationships.

Honestly Mykle coming into my life has been one of the best things that happened to me.