Happiness. It is a Mindset

So today I was listening to Joyce Meyer, actually daily this week I’ve been listening to Joyce teach on happiness. Honestly it’s exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve not been attending church as regularly as I use to. My work has been having me work evening on Sundays which has me wanting to try and sleep in on Sunday morning but I know that’s a spiritual attack from the devil trying to keep me from getting what I need to get to grow. Joyce has been speaking about how happiness isn’t about what you are going through in life but how we choose to view the battle. Is it a chance to grow? Usually the answer can be a yes. What the devil uses to come against us is the very same thing that Christ can turn around and use to release. Joyce referenced the story of Shadrack, Meshack, & Abendago, who were cast into a fiery furnace 7 times hotter than it usually it. So hot that the three guards tasked with throwing them in fell back from heat exhaustion as the three men fell. Not only this but Christ joined them and used the fire to break them free of their bondage and Christ protected them in the midst of the fire.

How amazing it must be to not fall into the trap of the devil but turn the fire around and use it to set your ties free so that you can walk out unharmed and stronger than before. Thank you lord for bringing me through my trials, for loving me and for allowing me to remember life is about the choices I make and to be set free. For allowing me to remember I don’t have to be go around depressed or choosing to living in bondage or under constant attack from the devil but I can be set free and be free indeed.