It’s almost the big day!

Woah! It’s been six months since I asked Mykle if she would marry me and now we are just days before we tie the knot. It’s exciting and also nerve racking at the same time. We’ve already applied for the license at the courthouse and have started to move into the new house in Bloomfield.… Continue reading It’s almost the big day!


Things are getting exciting

So as many of you know that I’m planning a move to Bloomfield. We officially have a date for when the family is planning to come up and start the process for when we can take possession. We’ve been told that we will be into our home by the time the Wedding is around and… Continue reading Things are getting exciting


Working From Home

Well as many of you probably know I recently took a job for a call center. With the current pandemic going on it was convenient as I’m able to be a supervisor for a contact center and do it all remotely. While I haven’t yet got into the full aspects of the job yet, as… Continue reading Working From Home


Sermon Studies

The past two Sunday services I’ve attended our pastor has preached on sacrificing. Not just sacrificing as a means to get by but in being willing to give up everything you have for the cost of lost souls. The ultimate reward being death and being sent into Heaven to receive a crown of Jewels. After… Continue reading Sermon Studies


Isn’t life beautiful?

As many of you know I’m engaged to get married, it’s taking place this coming July. We’ve been working on acquiring things needed to host the wedding and reception, serving plates, silverware, decorations, & even cake stands. Things are slowly coming together. We’ve taste tested food that is going to be brought out for our… Continue reading Isn’t life beautiful?

Positive Vibe…Positive Tribe

I’ve been reminded this week that what you put into the atmosphere has a big impact on what you will perceive. I’d been having some issues at work with being delegated more work than anyone else. I was working a full two stations by myself while others where working 1 or even a 3rd of… Continue reading Positive Vibe…Positive Tribe