The Positive Mindset

I know, I know…It’s that time of year again, New Year=New me! Well guess what, every year people make many resolutions they never intend to stick to. Why? Simply because they get caught up in the whole peer pressure that at the beginning of every year you have to do something to better yourself. Why… Continue reading The Positive Mindset


Christmas time of year!

Well if you’re looking at your calendar, you can already tell this is written during the Christmas season. This is a season I have despised for years. However this year I have decided to embrace the Christmas spirit. I’ve bought several Christmas cards and will be sending them out soon. I was actually semi-happen to… Continue reading Christmas time of year!


Who’s job is it? A Christian Viewpoint.

We as Christians should have a different attitude about duties, than people that don’t follow the Word of God. Instead of criticizing someone for not doing their job, we should ask them “How may I help you complete your task?”. We want to put assignments on people, and then we talk about them when they… Continue reading Who’s job is it? A Christian Viewpoint.

A note of gratitude…

Yesterday when I came home, I checked the mail in the mailbox as usual to see what the day had brought. In it I received a card from my work. Upon opening it was a card entitled “Thank you” The card had a handwritten note thanking me for being so flexible with them and doing… Continue reading A note of gratitude…



I’m sitting here twenty years later. It’s that day every year that American’s adult’s heart strings are pulled. We are now twenty years since once of the most devastating attacks of terrorism that have taken place on American Soil. I can remember where I was. I was in Mrs. Chastain’s 3rd grade class. I remember… Continue reading 9/11/2001


Weekend Babysitting

So I’m currently staying at my sisters house for the weekend. She and her husband went to Ohio for some sort of dirt track racing event they go to every year. The reason I’m staying here. A child and two dogs. My nephew, who sometimes reminds me of myself. Pre-ordered the new NBA game. #NBA2K22.… Continue reading Weekend Babysitting


A Birthday Vacation

So my wife & I decided to travel down to Alabama to see her father for a vacation. Since my birthday fell on a holiday weekend and it wasn’t her assigned weekend to work. We’ve enjoyed sightseeing in both Alabama and Southern Tennessee. We’ve enjoyed a swim in the salt water pool and a couple… Continue reading A Birthday Vacation