Grace…Free and clear

Ever wish you could be forgiven for every wrong you’ve done in your life. Every hurt that you’ve caused and everything thing you’ve done in the shadows. Through Christ Jesus we are forgiven of our sins. We can live out our life not worrying about our past wrongs and when they will come back to bite us. Through Christ we are free to live and know that when we die we aren’t going to a place of suffering. I’m not saying that your past won’t haunt you while you are on earth. If you have murdered someone and have not yet made it right with the justice system you will most likely have to serve time in prison for the crime. I would actually encourage you to first ask for salvation then to turn yourself into the authorities. Then know that when you pass away whether in Prison or back on the outside that you may live and not perish.

Many may not know that youngest brother came out to my parents and the family as Gay. While I personally feel this is a sin and choose not to live the lifestyle myself, I feel it’s an attack of the enemy. I choose to love him anyway. I still invite him to come to church just as I would my other siblings. I still let him know that I love him and that God loves him but I don’t do it in such a manner that I’m shoving it down his throat. I do it as a, Hey! Come try out my church, its different then other churches you’ve been to. My pastor has openly said in sermons that we are not to treat anther any different then we would treat him because of their sin, whether they are a drug addict fighting for deliverance or they are a first time comer to Jesus, or this is their 80th time whining on the pulpit requesting forgiveness. We love them as Christ loved us and we are to show them they are loved. I personally have struggled with a judgemental spirit. This comes from years of sitting around others that would judge people. While I’m still praying to change this, it’s still a battle for me. This is the thing I’m still crying out to Jesus to help me with. So thank you God for setting me free and showing me that your grace is still enough.

Thanks you Lord

Little bit of thanks to God today. As some of you may know I was let go of from CallNet at the end of October, so funds are a bit tight at this time, I’ve been putting air into my tire almost daily as it was losing 20-25 PSI overnight. So I took my car to Big O tires today to have them inspect it suspecting there was a leak in it. I sit for what felt like forever until I finally see the guy bring my car back around and park it in the spaces for finished vehicles. He turns in the work order to the cashier who calls my name. I go up to pay and he hands me the keys says you had a piece of metal in your tire we took care of it for you.

I a bit surprised did confirm that there was no charge. He looks at me and said no charge, have a good day. I looked back smiled under my mask and said have a great day as well. Then as I walk out the door I had to verbally say thank you Lord. I also had to call my mom and share with her just because I had to share with someone. I was happy and blessed. Keep in mind the entire time I’m sitting in the building waiting I’m praying that it’s a cheap repair and that I don’t have to call my mom to spot to keep my car on the road and Praise Jesus it was done for free. I know it’s little. I know it probably sounds silly but this little Christian boy was so happy and excited.

Surrendering Will…

This week it seems almost all of my Christian thoughts (Christian Thoughts= Mediation and time spent with God) have been on will. Do I do my own thing or do I surrender and submit to God’s will. For pretty much most of my life, it’s been my way or the highway. As discussed in the last post this leads to things such as the pickle with the Security Job. After just one night at the plant alone I know that it’s not the job for me. Heck I knew after meeting with Charlie the Guard who trained me and finding out the reason they didn’t want me taking the full time job in Washington was because they couldn’t find anyone willing to drive to the Newberry Plant two nights in a row for a part time job. I was suckered into it thinking there may be an opportunity to grow, to work full time, but looking back on it I was told from the beginning that it would never be the case at the hiring manager Jimmy encouraged me to still seek full time employment outside of the company. So now I’m left with the pickle, return uniforms and find actual full time employment.

I very much feel like since being let go from CallNet that much of what God has been dealing with has been to do with obedience and God’s will. I know God has a plan for my life I just haven’t figured it out yet. I very much feel like I need to spend more time in prayer and less time watching TV. I need to find out what God wants me to do before jumping head first into things. Mykle has even been dealing with me on not being so fast to jump into things and to kinda just wait things out. So there is God just letting me know just one more time “Hey Phillip, I got this take your hands off of it” So this is where I must remember as I’ve been taught in church NUMEROUS times. Act not on my own fleshly desires but act in accordance with God’s word and answered prayers. I’ve been speaking with a very close Christian friend of mine and she has pretty much confirmed things for me before she even knew she confirmed it. So as I ponder on things with God I ask for your prayer of blessings and guidance in my life.

Journal Entry #4

So during our leadership class, Pastor Larry encouraged us to keep a journal and journal at least every other day. Last night while working security here is what I wrote.

It’s been a few days since I wrote in here but mostly because the constructed writing ended. Right now I’m currently working an overnight security job on a Sunday. I knew taking this job wasn’t in God’s will because I’d be working on a Sunday. I did what I wanted to do and now I’m in a pickle. So as I sit here for 12 hours alone i my thoughts I kind of have to chuckle because of what Pastor Larry has been preaching. Get out of your will and get in God’s will. So now I know I need to rely on God to find me the right job. One that doesn’t work me on Sundays and one that pays well. Father God lead me into your path. Help me to understand your desires for me and grant me peace through this trying time in Jesus name I pray. Thank you and Amen.

P.S. I have an interview for an office job in Bloomington tomorrow 11/10 2 2p & at 5:30p I go to GM to take a drug screen test. I’ve already authorized the the background check so multiple doors may be opening in my direction. Thank you Jesus.

Leadership Class…A Success

So last night I attended the first official class for Lyons Community Church Leadership program. It was an interesting class but the biggest take away that I took away from day one is that greatest thing you carry into Ministry is your testimony. You can either follow the Lord’s guidance and help or it follow your flesh and hurt it. The other important take away I took away from it is how great boundaries are in the life of a minister. Boundaries have to be set by an individual and who they let go beyond the boundaries is their choice but that boundaries have to be respected regardless of whether we agree with the person’s boundaries or not. I really enjoyed this class and look forward to attending the next event on the the 14th of November.

Time to move on

Often times you know it’s time to move on. Often times before anyone else around you is aware. I’ve recently felt it was time for a career change even set a few markers that would be God’s way of telling me it’s time to go. I ignored the signs for a few times but now it’s time to reach out and spread my wings and soar. So here is to new career ambitions.

Faith. What does that mean to you?

When you hear the word Faith what do you think of? Is this just something the Christian’s do? This is something we hear often in the Christian world, just have faith. Sounds easy when things are going well but what about when things get difficult? To me I consider my faith sacred. I have actually spoken with my employer and let them know that having Sunday’s off so I can participate in my church services as much as possible. I do believe in the mean is faith is what you believe and I have faith that through my God I will be victorious. But often times when speaking of my “religion” I refer to it as my faith because I want what I believe to be present throughout my life.

I consider myself a Christian. I try to attend church as much as my 2nd Shift schedule allows me to but I also try to share my faith were ever I go. To me when I get identified as a Christian by someone who doesn’t really know me, I consider it a compliment. To me this means the Lord’s light is shining through me. I’m not perfect. But I’m made perfect through Christ. If you don’t have a local church, find one that is biblically based. If you need help feel free to email me. I will reach out to a few contacts in your area and help you find one. Don’t let one Sunday keep you from searching. I’ve attended several churches that weren’t my home but were there for a season. You will feel it in your spirit when you find the right place.

Alabama Trip #2

So this week, Mykle & I are back in Alabama. We’ve travelled hear to visit with her father Tim and his wife Becky. They’ve graciously allowed us to stay with them while we go out and site see around the state. Yesterday we took out our mountain bikes and road one of the greenway trails for about 2 miles. Today we drove the car up to the top of the mountain and visited the Japanese Garden and also geocached while we were there. It was quite fun, a bit tiring but definitely worth the trip and the admission price. We got to go over the overlook and look into Huntsville from the Mountain and even though it appeared foggy due to the rain you could still faintly see the town. It was a spectacular sight.

New Office

So for pretty much the last 10 years of my life in pretty much every place I’ve lived I’ve had a corner that was set up as an office  It’s always been a small corner in either the kitchen or the living room but never really a dedicated area. This year I’ve started on my tiny house building it out and making it my humble abode.  

In my tiny house just underneath my loft I have an office that is half the width of my house. There is a L shaped desk that is larger than I actually expected I’d get back here but it works out perfectly. Currently I’m sitting in the back of my building window open just in front of my face. Looks out into the tree’s and allows a cool breeze to blow in. It’s peaceful. It’s cool and having a dedicated area I can do my studies in really helps me feel better. 

When you find your match.

So as many of you are probably aware, for a few years now I’ve been searching for a partner that complimented me well. I’ve not had much luck in my last few relationships but this girl, Mykle. Let me tell you. She gets me like no one else has. She and I both work 2nd shift right now which works at well because we go in and get off at roughly the same time each day. I’m not stuck waiting on her to get home each day for hours on end and vice versa.  

  The best part is though that she allows me to thrive in my hobbies, reading, listen to podcast, geeking out with tech. And while she has her own and I fully support them I’m not use to that level of support. She’s helped me work on my tiny house, she’s encouraged me to work on it even when I’m tired. She pushes me to do better for myself even when I’m running low on steam. And amazingly she doesn’t force me she just gives me that extra push of motivation that’s needed. Honestly in the 7 months we’ve been dating I really feel like we’ve grown together a lot and can’t wait for the many more memories we will make together.