Isn’t life beautiful?

As many of you know I’m engaged to get married, it’s taking place this coming July. We’ve been working on acquiring things needed to host the wedding and reception, serving plates, silverware, decorations, & even cake stands. Things are slowly coming together. We’ve taste tested food that is going to be brought out for our… Continue reading Isn’t life beautiful?

Positive Vibe…Positive Tribe

I’ve been reminded this week that what you put into the atmosphere has a big impact on what you will perceive. I’d been having some issues at work with being delegated more work than anyone else. I was working a full two stations by myself while others where working 1 or even a 3rd of… Continue reading Positive Vibe…Positive Tribe


Wedding Invites

Our Wedding invites our finally going out in the mail and have been handed out to the friends & family we see frequently. We can’t wait to see everyone on our big day. I can’t wait to see some of my Burn Camp family that have impacted me greatly and even shaped me into the… Continue reading Wedding Invites


Life goes on

So as many of you have probably heard especially if you read this blog my mamaw passed away on March 5th. This past weekend Mykle & took my mom with us down to Huntsville, Alabama to visit Mykle’s father and step mom. It was a good trip and a chance for my mom to just… Continue reading Life goes on


My mamaw’s Obituary

Rita Ann Henderson April 27, 1952 – March 5, 2021 Rita Ann Henderson, 68, of Bedford, passed away on Friday, March 5, 2021 at her residence. She was born April 27, 1952, in Lawrence County to Erie and Knoxie (Hughes) Terrell. She was a widow. Rita Ann was a homemaker, of the Christian faith and… Continue reading My mamaw’s Obituary


Mini Praise Report

Well yesterday when I called my mom she told me that I had received a check in the mail from a car place. I knew the name the moment she told me. I asked her to conform that it was indeed a real check and not one of those promotional checks bring this in and… Continue reading Mini Praise Report