The Quickest Teleconference I’ve ever attended.

This morning I attended a teleconference for something I should have attended in person last month but was a little over an hour’s drive away. I had expected that it would be kinda lengthy. That considering I’d drive and appear in person It would be about 30 minutes. I logged onto the call 5 minutes early. Waited 5 minutes for the meeting to start and then began waiting on the line for the meeting to begin. Meeting begin promptly at 11:45A.M. to my surprise it ended it just 6 minutes. I’d expected it to take much longer.

Are you Ready?

Today’s sermon at church was actually about the coming end of the world. It could have easily been titled are you ready? It was quite eye opening for some If you aren’t ready you will be left behind during the rapture. If you are you will ride in on the clouds with God. I do believe we are closer now than we ever have been before to this event happening.

I’m hoping I’m not one of those left behind.

New Computer/New Phone…Who dis?

So I recently when all in on…Apple products. I now proudly own a Macbook Pro 15″, the iPhone 11 Pro Max and of course my Apple watch. It’s lovely being able to do so much from a laptop with out having to pick up my phone. Granted it doesn’t do everything. I still have to pick up the phone to snapchat but I can easily use messenger and easily email and text from here which has been a God send. I love not having to pick up my phone every time it buzzes. This has been an awesome experience. I now also see why those that have been in the Apple ecosystem lock for so long really don’t want to leave. The ease of use and the hand off things are amazing. I won’t keep rambling on but I’ll post more about this later.