I’m sitting here twenty years later. It’s that day every year that American’s adult’s heart strings are pulled. We are now twenty years since once of the most devastating attacks of terrorism that have taken place on American Soil. I can remember where I was. I was in Mrs. Chastain’s 3rd grade class. I remember that the school tried to insulate us from what was going on. Our school went on lock down, at the time no reason was given, but looking back I know it’s because the teachers were unsure where the next attack on America was coming to.

I don’t remember everyday of 3rd grade or many days of elementary school at this point in my life, but I still remember this day. The school didn’t let us know what the issue was. It was the one day we ate our meal inside our classroom at our desk instead of travelling to the cafeteria. It was a day that we didn’t have recess but rather spend the day in the classroom. I still remember all of the teachers and staff that were coming around to check on students all being very sad but none of them told us what was going on. It wasn’t until I arrived home and saw my mother crying watching the TV that I learned what was going on. There had been an attack on American Soil and America didn’t know what was next to come.

Each year I watch videos about the attacks on 9/11. It’s an event I’ll never forget. I scroll through my facebook and see firefighter friends that actually lost people they were close with that perished that day. Each year I make it almost a mission to watch a documentary and reflect on the events that took place that day.

Am I still proud to be an American, you better believe it. I’ll be a proud American for as long as I keep my freedoms. I don’t always agree with what’s going on in America. I don’t agree with a lot of the politics that take place inside Washington D.C. I feel there is a lot of attack on American Christians and I feel like many of the laws that are covertly passed are trying to chip away at American freedoms and our God given rights as an American to worship God as we please. I do understand that we in a pandemic but when the government and mainstream media want to dictate what our churches are saying and preaching thats when I start having issues with them.

To all those that perished on 9/11. I pray your families continue to honor your memory and legacy. To those of us who watched from afar as history was made. I pray that you never forget the day, that you remember to love your neighbor, to put your differences aside and remember that we are all in this together. In fact that is what our government leaders fear most, a nation that is united and expects them to work for us and not the lobbyist. I will continue to pray for my local and national leaders. And I pray that God’s favor remains upon this great nation.

Looking forward to a fabulous church service tomorrow over at Lyons Community Church and hope to have a fire burning in my soul that no man shall ever be able to extinguish. Our church is located at 165 N Kirk St, Lyons, In. Service starts at 10:30a. As my Pastor Leslie says…Be blessed on purpose.